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We pray theseĀ video courses empower you to live the full life God promised for you! Grow in learning how to hear the voice of God during the day and at night while you sleep, receive inner healing for yourself and your family and so much more.

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Understanding Your Dreams

Learn the basics of Biblical dream interpretation. God desires to connect with you -Ā not only during the day, but also at night while you sleep!Ā 

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Weeds in the Garden

This course will equip you with practical, Biblical tools to help the kids in your life learn the process of forgiveness and exchanging lies for God's truth.

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Understanding Your Dreams course

Do you have confusing or recurring dreams?

Chances are that God is trying to speak to you, but how do you know what He is saying? And how do you know if your dream is from God or a different source? We will explore these questions and many others in this online video course!

  • Hear God's Voice: Learn to hear personally from God while you sleep at night
  • Get Clarity: Learn the unique language that God speaks through dreams
  • Receive Guidance: Gain insight into your life and discover clues to your destiny


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Weeds in the Garden course

Equipping children to walk in freedom from an early age

Children can learn how to partner with heaven to walk more abundantly, stay on track with their destiny and understand the healing available to them in Jesus! This course will equip you with practical tools to help kids learn the process of forgiveness and exchanging lies for God's truth.

  • Learn from Pastor Kristi's decades of experience in walking children through inner healing
  • Teach children early on in life how to discern God's voice from the lies of the enemy so they can walk in freedom
  • Empower children with authority in Christ to overcome any obstacle that comes their way
  • Practical exercises to help children uncover lies and invite Jesus to come heal their hearts


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About PastorĀ Kristi

Kristi Graner is the Founder and Director of Dare to Believe Ministries in Burnsville, Minnesota. For decades, Kristi has taught about the value of discerning and following Godā€™s lead. She holds a masterā€™s degree in Theology and Spiritual Formation, served on the senior leadership team at an influential church for 20 years, and became a prominent voice in dream interpretation under the mentorship of John Paul Jackson. Kristi has a wonderful husband named Gary, two adult children, and a growing family.

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