Free Dream Training

Do you ever have strange or recurring dreams and wish you knew what they meant? 

If you struggle to understand your dreams, this free video series will give you simple steps to unlock the secret language God speaks at night.

4 Free Dreams Training Videos

Learn the basics of biblical dream interpretation and start understanding what your dreams mean!

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Understand Metaphor

Learning to think metaphorically (like people did in the Bible) is essential to understanding what God is saying in your dreams!

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Learn Dream Mapping

Dream mapping is a simple, trusted interpretation technique that you can use to get clarity on any dream you have.

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Practice Interpreting

Practice is the key to growth! You'll see real dreams interpreted before your eyes and get the chance to practice it yourself!

Your Instructor 

Kristi Graner is the Founder and Director of Dare to Believe Ministries. For decades, Kristi has taught on the value of discerning and following God’s lead. She holds a master’s degree in Theology and Spiritual Formation, served on the senior leadership team at an influential church for 20 years, and became a prominent voice in dream interpretation under the mentorship of John Paul Jackson. 

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